About the Role

The MRC On TV blog is looking for FAST, dependable part-time bloggers who can commit to watching and monitoring weekly prime time entertainment shows (think “Big Bang Theory” or “Grey’s Anatomy”) as they air for liberal bias and turn in posts with video clips on tight deadlines. MRC Culture is socially conservative and the On TV blog documents anti-traditional incidents or forays into liberal propagandizing on popular TV shows. We need bloggers who are informed about current entertainment TV (whether it’s broadcast, basic and premium cable, or streaming) and keep up to date with social media and news about shows they monitor. This is a great fit for someone who's going to be watching TV anyway and has opinions about what they see. You know the power Hollywood has in changing our culture. You know exactly what they’re trying to do and you want to identify, expose and stop it.

Interested applicants please apply here or email nkangadis@mrc.org with the following:

  1. Cover letter-type intro paragraph or two that includes: 
  2. Why you think you'd be a good fit for this job, how many hours a week you can work, what current shows or genres you're interested in monitoring, and suggestions for shows you've watched or heard about and why you think they should be covered for bias. Please also note any special subject expertise or experience (ex. military, guns, science, business/economics, education, religion, etc.)  
  3. Resume
  4. Contact info for an editor you have submitted pieces to in the past
  5. Writing sample that shows off your conservative blogging talents in a way that will fit in with the MRC brand - definitely send one you've done on a TV show or other cultural/celebrity moment, if possible. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Availability 8pm-1am eastern, Sunday-Friday. (You will not necessarily be working during all those hours, but we need people who are consistently available during that time period.)
  • A TV/cable package, strong internet connection, and knowledge or ability to learn how to clip video.
  • Monitor assigned TV shows for liberal bias. Recognize and call out shows deliberately pushing an agenda on gay or transgender issues, polygamy, illegal immigration, abortion, Black Lives Matter, or whatever else the social justice warriors are pushing at the moment, along with other issues, of course, like the networks being anti-gun, anti-capitalism, pro-global warming, etc. 
  • Quickly draft Newsbusters posts (in under an hour) and clip and supply accompanying video

Required Experience & Education:

  • You must be a multi-tasker and strong writer with good instincts for identifying what is news-worthy and would make a good headline and lede.
  • You actually enjoy watching popular entertainment TV and are a family-values, social conservative.
  • Ideal candidates will have prior conservative blogging or writing experience, degrees in Political Science, English, Journalism, or TV/Film-related studies, or equivalent work experience.

Job Post Date:

03rd Apr, 2018

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