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MRC has played a crucial role in countering left-wing bias in news media and popular culture, revealing the left’s agenda to undermine traditional values, restrict individual liberty, and stifle private enterprise. Alongside this effort, MRC champions free speech by taking on Big Tech companies that aim to suppress conservative voices.

To support its mission, the MRC utilizes two unique databases. First, the TV news archive, which features more than 900,000 hours of video dating back to 1987, allows the MRC to demonstrate instances of media bias through both present-day and historical footage. Second, the CensorTrack database comprises over 5,500 recorded cases of online censorship of conservatives, providing the MRC with compelling evidence to support its fight against Big Tech.

Through its advanced news monitoring technology and sophisticated marketing strategy, the MRC educates the public on the issue of left-wing media bias, generating an average of 505.6 million weekly impressions across various platforms, including radio, television, social media, email, and websites.

The Media Research Center is a research and education organization operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible to the maximum extent of the law. The MRC does not receive government grants or contracts or have an endowment. Instead, we raise our funds each year from individuals, foundations, and corporations.


We are moving this December 2023!   Our new address:

Media Research Center
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How do we deliver the truth to Americans?

To counter the media’s leftist agenda, the MRC formed specialized divisions and programs to precisely target egregious bias with comprehensive media analysis and factual reporting. These include:

NewsBusters, the News Analysis Division’s fast paced and popular blog, is the leader in documenting, exposing, and neutralizing liberal media bias. Its team of expert news analysts monitor all the major media outlets 24 hours a day and produce comprehensive bias analysis as well as post showcasing the most ridiculous examples of leftist bias in the media.
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CNSNews, now merged with MRCTV, covers important news ignored by leftist media, from the failing economy to the Biden family scandals, the ESG movement, and the threat of Communist China. It also provides a mix of breaking news, legislative and judicial developments, and in-depth investigative reports, incorporating video content, short blog posts, and timely economic information.
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MRCTV is the multimedia division of MRC featuring original content and aggregated videos of the news, people, and events conservatives care about. The site features all of the MRC’s television appearances and serves as an online platform for conservatives to share and view videos on topics ranging from breaking news to political analysis and humor.
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Free Speech America
MRC Free Speech America uncovers and fights the systematic campaign of the Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to censor constitutionally protected speech. To that end, it maintains a comprehensive record of online censorship in its CensorTrack database, which currently includes over 5,500 verified cases.
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MRC Latino
MRC Latino advocates for comprehensive, fair, and accurate news coverage in U.S. Spanish-language media by exposing and countering bias against conservatives in this significant segment of American media. MRC Latino's ongoing content analysis and special reports are featured in both English and Spanish.
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MRC Culture
MRC Culture fights to preserve and restore America’s culture, character, and morals against the assault of the liberal media elite. Its widely read blog posts defend our country’s values against the media’s attempts to denigrate and censor religious, pro-family, and patriotic viewpoints.
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MRC Business
MRC Business is dedicated to advancing the culture of free enterprise in America. MRC Business is the only organization dedicated to correcting the media's anti-free enterprise biased reports, reporting the truth about the American economy, and promoting a fair portrayal of the business community in the news and entertainment media.
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MRC Action
Comprised of hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans, MRC Action makes a powerful impact as it fights liberal media bias and stands up for American values. MRC Action, the grassroots arm of the MRC, boasts hundreds of thousands of patriotic members. Provides online educational information on critical issues and encourages public active participation.
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Prominent conservatives depend on MRC’s publications and analysis to showcase left-wing bias in the media.