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Teresa Rowland
Teresa Rowland

Teresa Rowland

Board of Advisors, Legacy Donor

Teresa Rowland has always been skeptical of the media going back to the days of the big three networks. “My college roommate thought Walter Cronkite was a literal god,” recalls Teresa. Though she wasn’t overtly political in those days, Teresa did not trust what she was hearing. “I wasn’t buying it. I had read an Allen Drury book about news media that opened my eyes to bias in the press.”  

Teresa’s dormant conservative views awoke one day when she overheard her dad listening to Rush Limbaugh. She was hooked. “Rush gave me a new point of view.” Her interest in politics ignited, Teresa still could not find a trustworthy network news source until she discovered Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. “My cable company didn’t carry Fox at the time, so I cut ties and switched to DirecTV, who did.”  

And then in 2004, as she puts it, “I inherited the MRC.” As executor of her father’s estate, Teresa handled his personal affairs after he passed. “I came across paperwork relating to his charitable donations, which included the Media Research Center.” Teresa quickly did her homework. “I was impressed by MRC when I got into it.” She decided to honor her father’s legacy, referred to as “intergenerational giving,” and continue donating to the MRC. Teresa has been a steady and spirited supporter ever since, becoming a member of the MRC Legacy Society by making planned gifts to the MRC: 

“As part of my estate plan, I have set up Roth IRAs, a Charitable Remainder Trust, and a Charitable Gift Annuity to benefit the MRC. These charitable investments really help out at tax time, too.”

Teresa enjoys the financial perks related to her charitable giving, but her favorite return on investment is an intrinsic one, “The MRC magnifies my voice and expresses what needs to be said, across all of its divisions.” In September, Teresa attended an MRC donor retreat where she learned about MRC’s plans to hold Big Tech accountable for censorship. “I am so glad MRC is taking on the Big Tech tyrants. It’s a serious issue. The irony is that I have never done social media,” she muses. As a principled conservative who doesn’t suffer Leftists gladly, she followed, “I stopped using Google.” She prefers DuckDuckGo now.

When not interacting with the MRC, “I just watched the MRC’s ‘College Unbound’ video series about Marxism in America, it was tremendous, can’t wait to see them all,” she tunes in to Mark Levin. “He talks a lot about the rule of law and how we are slowly abandoning the Constitution. He is a good teacher, so passionate.” She counts Glenn Beck and Daniel Horowitz as her other favorites, “they make me think.”

Teresa graduated from UNC with a major in Zoology. “My favorite job was as a naturalist at Reynolda Gardens in my hometown of Winston Salem.” After taking night classes in programming, she switched careers to became an accounting analyst for the government. “Though, I learned not to like government.” Her #1 hobby is international folk dancing, where she once plied her passion six days a week. “With Covid, you can’t hold hands anymore.” So temporarily, social distancing has excised dancing. She quips, “Now, I just putter around and enjoy life!”

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Teresa Rowland
Teresa Rowland
Teresa Rowland has always been skeptical of the media going back to the days of the big three networks. “My college roommate thought Walter Cronkite…
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